Multiple modules are provided, to ease specific tasks. Currently only one is usable for "users". Among other modules are VPong and "Virtualno smucanje"


Vj module, developed for live performances and also has HQ functionalities with rendering capabilities, for non-realtime processing of high quality video, even HDV. It uses OpenGL for displaying the video, although most of the effects are processed on the CPU. Currently only FreeFrame on windows is support of the external effects. There also builtin basic video effects:

  • npMixer
  • npDelay
  • npAnalyzer
  • npNoteChopper

Realtime recording is provided by Video4Windows, using the highly optimised intel indeo codec, which reaches 70+fps encoding speeds for small videos. Recorded videos are added to the media library when recording stops, so you can just record a portion of your set, hit play and take that well deserved beer break;).

There are two separate movie players hardcoded, you can switch between movies in the media library and the live video input (anything Directshow supports - webcams, dv cams, tv tuners,... ). The two hardcoded mixers are between these players and the pre effect/post effect path  - effects wet/dry.


Control of this module is optimised for an oxygen8 midi controller (which i happen to own). Notes above C3 are use to select and enable/disable effects  - white keys select and enable, black keys disable. Selected effect parameters can be changed via the 8 rotary parameters, which i reconfigured to modulation parameters 10 - 17. C0 to C1 is used to switch between movies (F-keys on the keyboard do that otherwise), C1-C3 is used to set currently selected movie player clip offset.

A GUI is in the works, it will probably be written in java and communicate with naprava via OSC/tcp.

* important features bolded